We believe in a #betterlookingworld at 4eyesVision Foundation.

This is a campaign to give confidence, literacy and quality of life back to people in our underserved communities.

Here is how you can help. One pair of glasses changes how kids learn at school, enables an adult to work again and changes participation in life for the better. Through donating today you are sending a member of our team to deliver a vision screening test and pair of glasses to a person in need. Changing their life directly by enabling vision.


Watch our video below to learn more. 

Here is how the 


Better Looking World Campaign works


Simply click on the DONATE button anywhere on this page or here, where you will go to our secure campaign page. There are two ways to support 4eyesVision Foundation once you arrive on the secure campaign page. Click on the Purchase Items Button where you select as many items from the 4eyesVision signature range that you would like to take home with you; a way for you to get a part of our signature range at home whilst sending proceeds from your purchase directly to the 4eyesVision Foundation mission. The second way to support is to click on the DONATE button when you arrive on the campaign page, where you can make a tax deductible donation to any amount. 

Your donation or item purchased goes directly to the 4eyesVision Foundation where 100% of your donation goes to vision screening and dispensing glasses to people in underserved communities. Dont forget all donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt directly to your email on donating via the DONATE button on the campaign page.

Thank you for your support and for making the world better looking.